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Finding me

Aktualisiert: 18. Juni 2018

February 2018

You might ask yourself how I moved on from 20 years as an investment banker in London to be a Universal Medicine therapist in Berlin.

Over the course of my life I became increasingly aware of how much we constantly allow outer circumstances, situations or expectations of others to influence and even rule our mood, our state of being and in fact our whole life.

These can be other people who annoy us or don’t behave in the way we would like them to. A football match won or lost. Or bad news in the TV or radio. The exhausting visit at relatives, in the supermarket or in the restaurant which just sold out our favourite food or drink. These are all factors which are completely out of our control, but which we allow to have a significant impact on our wellbeing and our life.

After lots of searching around, I found a way which has enabled me to live full of joy irrespective of the problems and obstacles arising. With the support of Universal Medicine treatments, I could step by step reunite with my inner essence. This essence, our Soul, which is inherent in all of us equally and which unites us all. At the same time, my various symptoms not only slowly vanished but I also got the opportunity to work with their root causes.

I started to notice my own unhealthy habits and patterns. How I existed and not really fully lived. I became conscious of how much I relied on outer sources and just took on board ideals or beliefs, without questioning them or feeling into them to check whether they were truly appropriate for me and my life. How often did I do something which did not really resonate with me, just because that's the way things are done, that's what one does in our society. Having let outer factors determine my life as opposed to living from my essence which would have naturally allowed me to be as I truly am.

I began to live much more in connection with myself and experienced a previously unknown freedom. The more I become authentic and truthful, the more my life just flows harmoniously. I am no longer playing roles or pretending but I am just me.

Today I feel better than at any other time in my life. I have never been so fulfilled in all that I do, be it as a wife, mother, daughter, in my job or just doing housework or being by myself. Everything makes sense and I have achieved a steadiness and equanimity which I previously would not have imagined possible. Every day is a joy, no matter which challenges arise.

I trained to become a Universal Medicine therapist to be able to offer these treatments to everybody who is open for this way of self-responsibility. The benefits which I experience every day are accessible for all. There is an unending potential within all of us for us to rediscover and to reclaim.

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